About us


The first Africandle was born in 2018 out of a curiosity for concrete design that turned into a triumphant DIY experiment (a brother’s homemade gift for his sister).

Now, just six years later, Africandles can be found worldwide.

Our roots were orginally in South Africa, inspired by the country’s power and grit, which we reflected in the raw, expressive textures of our candles. Now, after branching out to Canada, we are spreading our canopy in the northern hemisphere, to mirror the beauty and serenity felt in Canada's natural spaces. 

From start to finish, each Africandle is made by hand. We pour the wax (and our hearts) into every candle and continually test new processes in the pursuit of the best burn experience.

While we strive for perfection in quality, the beauty of our candles lie in their imperfections. We celebrate every crack and crevice, letting the concrete develop naturally; allowing the wax to run its own course and ensuring that no two candles are ever the same.